Below you will find more information about our Founder, Owner and Managing Director and in the near future also information about other members in key positions.

Inventor, Founder, Owner and Managing Director
Werner Holzer, MSc

Born in Austria in 1973 Werner started his professional career as a Mechanical Engineer in 1993 after having finished a Technical Highschool.


After several years of successfully developing machines he had safed enough money for quiting his job in favour of studying Technical Mathematics at the Technical University in Vienna. He earned his Masters Degree in this field in 2003 and started a professional career for a second time. This time mainly as a Project Manager in a financial institution.


After many experiencing years Werner again quit his job in order to change to some other employer, but then decided to not take this new offer in favour of travelling around the world.


When returning home he started a professional career for a third time in 2013. It was again in the financial industry but this time as an entrepreneur and working internationally.


Werner is still an entrepreneur but since having had a great idea in 2016 and having turned this idea into a business in 2017 he is now using his entrepreneural and project management experience, together with his technical and analytical skills, as Founder, Owner and Managing Director of our highly innovative company.


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