• pegasious trailer, flying trailer

    Model D

    Just like every normal trailer for carrying goods but with the addition of also being capable to carry those goods through the air wherever and whenever needed.

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With the combined capability of travelling on land and in the air


Common Features

Apart from the main characteristic of all our vehicles – their combined capability of travelling on land and in the air – all our vehicles have several other features in common, which will be summarized below.


All our vehicles are always equipped with wheels for travelling on land and with propellers for travelling in the air. Furthermore all our vehicles have in common that all propellers are electrically driven and all wheels, if driven, are also electrically driven because those electrical drives provide great flexibility in shaping the vehicles and they also provide for compact vehicle sizes. Vehicle sizes which are compatible for operating our vehicles in the already present infrastructure for land vehicles even during take-off and landing.

Power Source

Driving the propellers and wheels by electric power provides a maximum of flexibility in terms of the power source. This power source can therefore be selected according to certain needs and replaced according to further technical developments.


Presently all our vehicles are planned to be equipped with combustion engines with an added electrical generator as this primary power source, but in principle also fuell cells and/or batteries are possible.

Compared to combustion engines fuell cells and batteries are however still much heavier for providing the same power over the same timespan and they are therefore not planned to be used as a standard in our vehicles at the moment.


Nevertheless we hope that our vehicles are a further motivation for fuell cell and battery developers as so that they are further pushing the energy density – but even more important, the power density – to the limits and helping us creating even better vehicles in the future.


For safety reasons all propellers of our vehicles are equiped with protective means in radial as well as in axial direction as so that the propellers will not cause any harm to nearby persons, animals or objects and as so that also nearby persons, animals or objects will not cause any damage to the propellers.

Those protective means therefore provide for safe operation of our vehicles even in dense populated areas.

No special Infrastructure required

Because of the safe operation and by also taking their compact sizes into accout, our vehicles can in principle be operated almost everywhere. There is no need for using any special existing infrastructure (e.g. airports or helipads) and there is also no need for creating new infrastructure for operating our vehicles.


Apart from the above mentioned common features all of our presently five different models do have certain special characteristics. Thoses characteristics, as well as some pictures and details can be found in the respective models sections below.



Disclaimer All pictures shown below do only reflect the first state of development (international patents pending), i.e. the pictures only show technical drawings and not actual existing vehicles. Also the actual final shape may differ from those drawings.






All our vehicles are still under development and  hence we do not accept orders/pre-orders for any of these models at the moment. Please check back for updates regularly.


At the moment we are mainly looking for financial supporters in order for being able to build at least one prototype of each of our vehicles. If you want to support us with this next big step you can do so by clicking the support button below.




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